Sound & Scent in a Dental Wellness Studio

Apart from the safest and highest possible treatment quality, we take pride in being a dental relaxation oasis!

Why do we give such high priority to our no-anxiety wellness environment?

Two reasons:

  • Anxiety actually causes the brain to become more pain sensitive in a real neurophysiological sense!
  • Especially when treating children – an important group of patients who usually don’t fully comprehend treatment – zero-anxiety is the be-all and end-all. If kids feel uncomfortable with something,  they get very upset, which may result in early traumatic memories and dentist phobia – A vicious cycle, because minor treatment is then delayed until conditions become severe. So, with younger patients we need to start off the right way! But come to think of it, kids are a great benchmark: subconsciously, everyone is basically a child – everyone appreciates zero-anxiety.

We have realized that many small factors converge in creating such an  environment. Of course, we wanted our dental studio to look and feel like a place where you can relax and really be yourself. A living room- / spa feel, instead of the usual alien-abduction-type ‘Unidentified Fear Offices’ where the whole place feels like an operatory.

Apart from visual impressions, it is helpful to replace the typical ambience factors of dental offices - mainly smell and sound – with something nicer.


Eucalyptus, not Eugenol

For office manager Nils Sens, it was an interesting realization that the smell of your typical dental office is caused by mainly one chemical compound: eugenol. This pulp-sedating drug is used in, and only in, root canal treatments (oh no!)… So, we didn’t want our dental wellness office carry the symbolic smell of root canal treatment because so many wrongly* assume this to be so terrible.

## link to RCT done right ###

We have found that the use of a lamp/burner with essential oils has a pleasant effect – especially the soothing fragrances of mint and eucalyptus. At Your German-Philippine Dental Studio you’ll smell eucalyptus, and not eugenol.

Chill Music, not Drill Noise

Another fear factor is the noise caused by dental drills. Even though we’re using low-noise W&H handpieces from Austria, we have found that the additional playback of meditation music and other relaxing frequencies (we’re even studying Binaural Beats for that matter) has an anxiety-buster effect.

Patients have fallen asleep during treatment (even during root canal treatment, the procedure with the most undeserved bad rep) and many have told us that they’ve enjoyed the soft meditation music. You may bring your own music as well and simply plug it into our speaker.

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