Human Value Dentistry – Our Manifesto

In early 2012, patient services manager Nils Sens did something that has made Your German-Philippine Dental Studio so popular.

Interested in online reviews, he looked at those dentists who receive mostly 5-star ratings, collecting more than 500 of such reviews. Categorizing all of the comments and feedback (which took a serious amount of coffee and cut-pasting), it became evident that the things people really love about their favorite dentists usually fall into 8 service aspects. He called the resulting concept “Human Value Dentistry”, because most of them are soft-skill-related human value categories.

Generally speaking, the two main aspects of Human Value Dentistry are the positive change in quality of life (think before-and-after) through dental treatment, and the way you’re treated or ‘valued’ throughout the entire process.

It’s not enough to ‘educate’ patients about dental procedures to ‘sell’ necessary dental work and then go ahead and ‘get the job done’ – we want to treat our guests as human beings, i.e. with care and sensibility. The below core ingredients to our own office are no company secret – we encourage dentists to learn from us and realize what patients should expect from 5-star treatment. If any dentist – local or abroad – chances upon these key principles we hope to share and inspire a new perspective.

How I developed a better way to do dental care.

I have been lucky to see both sides. Formerly a frequent dental patient, I crossed over to dental care in 2012, when I offered some informal business coaching to Dr. Mendoza, starting a successful partnership. From that moment on, I was both patient and practice at once, in that I took myself as ‘model patient’ in many treatment situations. I wanted to solve the mystery of relaxing and painless dental care and I went ahead and analysed tons of online reviews to get to the essence of 5-star excellence.

Coincidentally, my studies of linguistics started to make sense professionally, as great communication turned out to be high on the list of what patients appreciate. It really makes a difference in the medical profession. This includes listening to what people say in between-the-lines, as well as breaking down complex topics for someone who isn’t a dentist. Language psychology really matters – prior to, during and after treatment. Trust-based relationships always require that extra effort.

I started thinking a little bit outside the box and drew inspiration from fields like gastronomy and air travel. I looked at dentistry as a service and also did a good deal of introspective squeezing, remembering my favorite dentist back in Bremen, and what had made me change dentists that time. The result is a truly holistic office concept called “Human Value Dentistry” – our unique ingredient for building lasting friendships with our guests.

Nils Sens
(Quezon City, 2015)

  • Safety & Quality

  • Honesty

  • Empathy & Care

  • Empowering Patients

  • Relaxation Environment

  • Care Communication

  • Quality Time

  • Responsibility

These criteria are all constitutive of Human Value Dentistry. Here you have it. The concept of HVD all laid out as a ‘manifesto’. This is our guiding codex and secret recipe – which we’d actually love to share with more patients and colleagues as well!

The concept comes with a generous CC license (attribution required), so dentists may feel free to contact us, follow or modify it and enjoy the results! We offer trainings, too.

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