Dental Spa Treats


A dental spa session involves an esthetics-based approach to hygiene:

- professional cleaning
- discoloration/staining removal with ProphyJet (gentle powder-polishing)
- BioRepair application
- identifying dental health and esthetic concerns in a friendly and respectful environment
- dental-dietary life advice
- focus on early detection and prevention details (intra-oral camera, etc.)
- individualized overview of esthetic improvements
- photographs and preview images
- whitening advice (there’s much to learn and avoid!)
- individualized oral care regimen

All this in a soothing wellness atmosphere with meditation music and aromatherapy.


Beauty and health overlap!

In the past, a healthy person was automatically attractive. Nowadays, an attractive person enjoys great health benefits with a closing link between looks and emotional well-being. Emotional stress linked to perceived unattractiveness has real negative health effects (talking about a mind-body connection!). Esthetically, teeth are one of the first things we notice when meeting people. But healthy teeth are also linked to overall health in a real medical sense (eg. the link between periodontal bacteria and other diseases).

Thinking further, there is this ‘magic’ power of a smile – people respond on a very sublime level as we’re psychologically hard-wired to seek appreciation. We think that it is no overstatement to say that you will find more open doors and have smoother relationships with a pleasing and ‘impactful’ smile.

We invite you to a thoroughly comfortable dental studio with an ambience where you don’t feel like you’re at the dentist’s!

It’s important for us to make you feel respected, empowered and relaxed when you walk out of our dental studio, on your way towards long-lasting oral health and a dazzling smile.

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