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Our Welcoming Reception

Someone called us a “CouchSurfing Clinic” because we were so accommodating and transparent. It’s a nice compliment. Is it unprofessional to have dinner with patients? Or to baby-sit while our patient’s wife is in the hospital?

Another patient said we have a “zen-ish dental spa”. We love making your appointments very comfortable. It goes far beyond aromatherapy and meditation music. We think that dentists really need to go an extra-extra mile to prevent anxiety, to do the impossible: to make patients enjoy their stay. We’re happy that this wasn’t impossible, after all.

What are the best dental appointments? Dental Spa Treats!  Professional dental maintenance and deep-cleaning are an inexpensive but high-value service. In our clinic, we prioritize preventive strategies. Ok, but shouldn’t a dentist ‘love’ only crown$ and bridge$? Not if our aim is referrals. We don’t want to to let anyone run into avoidable, expensive treatment. If we had the choice between charging you only a fraction for ‘dental spa’ to keep your teeth in shape, or doing a number expensive fillings, including crowns every other year, we’d go for the first to prevent the second. You have that choice.

Below are the our services for new patients that no one should be afraid of signing up for:

A First Visit

Getting to know you & your teeth – including a free ‘zoom in’ on a big screen :)

  • having a friendly talk over coffee or tea
  • recording your concerns, needs and dental medical history
  • a thorough exam
  • a journey through your teeth, magnified by intraoral imaging
  • a ‘soft introduction’ regarding necessary or possible treatment options
  • taking ‘before-photos’ – if you permit us

A Dental Spa Treat

A complete and caring first (or regular) session that does not involve any drilling. The focus is on taking care of small details before they become issues.

  • consultation about beauty and hygiene goals
  • ultrasonic toothbrushing
  • dental antibac mouth rinse
  • prophy-jet stain removal
  • water-pik(tm) aqua-flossing
  • tongue-cleaning
  • ultrasonic biofilm/solids removal
  • remineralization, if needed
  • a take-home oral care kit

You have a question? You feel it’s time for a first visit? Or you just want to book a sought-after dental spa session to experience the difference? Please call or text the number on the business card at the top of the screen, or proceed here to send us a message :) We’ll try to reply ASAP!

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